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Task Management for Clinical Care

Clinical teams manage many different  tasks at many different times to orchestrate a patient’s care. Usually, these tasks are  scattered across  several places –  progress notes, telephone encounters, emails, sticky notes, text messages, and even on paper lists. It is impossible to keep track of who is doing what and which tasks have already been done, leading to errors that should be preventable.  

Meet CareAlign, a HIPAA-compliant task management platform that manages tasks, generates notes, offers intuitive data visualization, and more. CareAlign can be a stand-alone task management tool, or it can be integrated into any EHR. Clinicians that work in different physical locations or use different EHRs can all access the shared task list for a patient to provide seamless care, even if the patient sees different providers or moves to a different clinical setting.

CareAlign Task Management

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Create tasks on the go while walking between facilities, at the bedside in a patient’s room, clinic or home, or during a team meeting to make sure plans are accurately captured. Instead of everyone writing tasks on their own lists, shared tasks makes sure everyone knows the plan. #WriteItOnce.


Assign tasks to a specific team member or role, then use smart lists to easily keep track of what needs to get done without relying on interruptive messages Declutter your list by setting a reminder and then snoozing a future task, and rest easy knowing it will automatically come to your list when its due.


Close the loop on tasks by sharing updates, progress, and changes to plans and tasks in real-time. Instead of relying on repeated messaging, shared lists enable the entire team to work together. With CareAlign task Management, nothing falls through the cracks.

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