HIPAA-Compliant Task Management for Med Students

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Med school is hard. There’s no other way to say it. Medical education is focused on teaching students the essentials of how to care for patients during their preclinical years, and then providing opportunities to apply that education in clinical settings during rotations. However, while clinical care delivery has become largely dependent on health information systems, this same technology is not readily available for medical education. 

Once clinical rotations start, med students often find themselves overwhelmed with unfamiliar workflows and technology systems. In addition to practicing clinical skills and testing their medical and patient care knowledge, they have to spend time learning different EHR systems and finding ways to properly and securely organize their patient notes and tasks. 

Students – how do you organize your patient tasks, notes, and documentation? Do you find yourself writing this information in a Google doc? Or email? Texts? Or (gasp), paper? Trying to write and organize notes this way can add unnecessary stress to your rotations. Not to mention, these note taking methods are not always HIPAA-compliant. Med school is already hard, so why make it harder? There are better ways to manage tasks, take notes, and understand health technology while in school. 

CareAlign offers HIPAA-compliant task management to all clinicians – including med students –  in one secure place. You can share tasks and collaborate on patients in real-time with the entire care team. CareAlign is a mobile-first application that works with any EHR and from anywhere. Specifically, CareAlign can improve medical student’s education in the following ways:  

CareAlign For Pre-Clinical Medical Students:  

  • Learn what an EHR looks like and how to use it prior to clinical rotations
  • Practice creating SOAP notes with the ability to receive feedback directly on the platform
  • Export SOAP notes that can then be assessed and graded by Clinical Professors
  • Prepare for using documentation software in clinical settings

CareAlign For Clinical Medical Students:

  • Create patient charts on any device
  • Keep track of medical problems, social problems, discharge issues, and care tasks
  • Present patient information in an organized manner
  • Export the note to share with the medical team or use for documentation
  • Organize documentation for presentations
  • Create templates to share with other students to aid in learning
  • Keep track of things you learned and save these things to share with fellow students

With high rates of physician burnout across the country, we understand how important it is to equip the country’s future physicians with the best tools to succeed in their medical careers. Teaching students to integrate technology into their clinical documentation and workflows early in their careers sets them up for success in residency and further practice. You can get started with the free version of CareAlign today, or email us at info@carealign.ai to learn more!