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Documentation for Clinical Care

Clinicians spend 2.5 hours every day on documentation and administrative tasks in the EHR. EHRs are not designed for clinical workflows, meaning that many clinicians often jot down notes throughout the day – in emails, text messages, word documents, sticky notes, and more. Then at the end of the day, often after their work day is done, clinicians have to go find all the notes in their various forms and rewrite them into the patient chart in the EHR. 

Using CareAlign, clinicians use the care plan they’ve updated throughout their shift to generate their documentation in less than two clicks – allowing them to write it once and use it for various documentation requirements. On average, clinicians using CareAlign save an hour per day, improving both patient care and clinician wellness.

Generating Documentation with CareAlign is as Easy as 1,2,3

Build Your Care Plan

1. Build Your Care Plan

CareAlign gives the entire clinical team access to a shared problem-based care plan, demographic information, and summary information. The discrete problem list ensures the entire care team knows the diagnosis of every patient. Throughout their shift, clinicians add tasks and update the care plan as care evolves or new information comes in. 

2. Generate Your Note

When clinicians are ready, they can click “create note” and choose what information should be included in their note. Clinicians have the ability to choose between two common note structures to ensure it meets their organization’s requirements.

Generate Your Note

3. Save and Share Your Note

Once the note is generated, clinicians can copy it and paste it into the EHR, save it to view later or share it via secure email. Rather than spending hours finding and rewriting all their notes from the day, clinicians can focus more on their patients and take much deserved breaks at the end of their shifts.

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