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Tools of the trade

From the beginning of time, (wo)mankind has developed tools to make us more efficient. While on the face of it, Medicine has been a proud beneficiary of this innovation, the preponderance of medical inventions in recent decades have been focused on molecular discoveries, or devices to support procedural skills. For example:
Scanners of all types: CT, MRI, advanced surgical imaging guidance etc. → Equivalencies: radar, sonar, etc.
Remote monitoring equipment of all sorts → Equivalencies: The internet, wearables, etc.
A myriad of surgical tools ranging from the scalpel to the machines that enable us to operate at the microscopic level → Equivalencies: robotics to everything in the military
And so much more….

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Tools on Table

Caring For Those Who Care For Us

I’m new to healthcare so some things that seem normal and even “old news” to industry insiders are still shocking to me. Case in point: the welfare of individual providers of care. I was recently reading about how we (in healthcare) should move from the triple...

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Two Exhausted Doctors

It Should Be Easy To Do the Right Thing (part 3)

Perhaps the biggest opportunity for improvement and reduction in error, is redesigning how clinicians communicate.  Medicine is a team effort yet our tools are focused on the individual. When we take a step back and evaluate the systems through which healthcare workers communicate with each other, we are able to understand the gaps:

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