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Check out our latest educational sessions on care team collaboration, communication best practices, handoffs and more. 

Healthcare Innovation
How To Do More With Less

In this webinar, Dr. Subha Airan-Javia and Kash Patel, EVP and Chief Digital Information Officer at Hackensack Meridian Health, discuss ways that healthcare organizations can optimize technology to increase efficiency and improve the patient and clinician experience. 

25X5 Symposium
Reimagining Documentation

During the 25X5 Symposium, Dr. Airan-Javia discussed how better tools can alleviate the documentation burden that has been linked with clinician burnout. In turn, clinicians will be able to document more efficiently, which improve patient safety.

AAIM Session
Improving Handoffs

Did you know that care transitions are one of the most error prone parts of a patient’s hospital stay? That is largely due to miscommunications and a lack of process. In this session, CareAlign CEO Dr. Airan-Javia, shares best practices learned through 15 years of research & practice.

Healthcare Innovation Summit
HIPAA Compliance

Ask any practicing clinician – they STILL use paper to manage their work, even when there is a fully integrated EHR available. Why? Because the EHR wasn’t built to support clinical workflows. Check out this quick video where Dr. Airan-Javia discusses the HIPAA risks associated with common work arounds and how to fix them. 

AAIM Session
Improving Communication

Miscommunications is one of the leading causes of preventable errors in medicine. During a session at the 2021 AAIM conference, Dr. Airan-Javia presented on ways to improve communication among care teams, which will in turn reduce errors and improve patient safety.

MIE Conference
Agile HealthTech

Why do clinicians have such a tough time with health tech? Because it was not built for their workflows. Join Dr. Airan-Javia as she discusses how interoperable, agile tech can improve patient care. 

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Tools of the trade

From the beginning of time, (wo)mankind has developed tools to make us more efficient. While on the face of it, Medicine has been a proud beneficiary of this innovation, the preponderance of medical inventions in recent decades have been focused on molecular discoveries, or devices to support procedural skills. For example:
Scanners of all types: CT, MRI, advanced surgical imaging guidance etc. → Equivalencies: radar, sonar, etc.
Remote monitoring equipment of all sorts → Equivalencies: The internet, wearables, etc.
A myriad of surgical tools ranging from the scalpel to the machines that enable us to operate at the microscopic level → Equivalencies: robotics to everything in the military
And so much more….

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It Should Be Easy To Do the Right Thing (part 1)

Recent Research has shown that an alarming number of medical errors are based on communication gaps, either while taking patient history or during handoffs between care providers. In 2015, a benchmarking study conducted by CRICO (The Controlled Risk Insurance Company , providing coverage to Harvard affiliated medical organizations and their physicians) found that communication errors were responsible for over 1,700 deaths as well as additional costs of $ 1.7 billion, to the healthcare system.

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CareAlign was built for clinicians, by clinicians with the goal of giving providers a tool that fits their workflows. We believe that clinical technology built with a focus on usability and accessibility improve patient safety and clinician wellness. Check out a quick, 5 minute demo fo CareAlign to see how it supports clinical workflows to improve patient care.

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