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ICD-10 coding embedded in clinical workflows saves time and improves reimbursement

ICD-10 Coding

Coding for Clinical Care

Ensuring accurate reimbursement for clinical care is crucial for healthcare organizations. The current workflow is fragmented – CDI teams review the chart and send queries back to clinicians on things that aren’t clear. These queries rely on physicians to recall patients that they saw hours, days, even potentially weeks ago. This time-consuming process is frustrating and leads to improperly low reimbursement. 

CareAlign integrates ICD-10 coding directly into the real-time patient wiki space so that codes get automatically paired to new problems and tasks as clinicians create them. This reduces the back-and-forth queries and ensures that organizations are getting accurately reimbursed for all the work they are doing. 

Everyone Benefits from Better Coding Workflows



  • Easily add medical codes within your existing workflow
  • Capture more of the work you do so it can be coded accurately
  • Get fewer questions back from Coding Professionals

coding professionals

  • Get clinicians more engaged in coding during their work
  • Receive more complete patient information earlier
  • Reduce the number of queries to physicians


  • Better documentation capture for more accurate reimbursement
  • 18% increase in RAF scores in the outpatient setting
  • 4% increase in CMI in the acute setting
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