Sharp Conversations with Lee Buttz, MD, MBA

by | May 23, 2022 | Blog, Burnout

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This Sharp Conversation was with Lee Buttz, MD, MBA, the Chief Medical Officer at Tandigm Health. In this video, Dr. Buttz discusses a wide range of topics, including his start in Army Medicine, reducing the administrative burden, the role tech plays in clinical practice, and how business skills can help clinicians in their careers.

Here are our main takeaways from the video: 

Problems Contributing To Burnout:

  • Conversation about burnout has been around a long time, but it’s changed with interference of EHR into the exam room
  • Lack of autonomy is an issue for both physicians in employed practice and physicians independent practice. Many physicians, even those who own their own practices, feel everything is out of their control. 
  • Recruiting and retaining physicians is a problem everywhere in the U.S. Improving the provider experience can lead to stabilization and growth in the profession, particularly for primary care. 

Solutions for Combating Burnout

  • Top ways for improving the clinician experience:
    • Improving EHRs, the documentation experience, and time on this work
    • Improving staffing support for physicians so they don’t need to do all the administrative work 
  • Integrating business skills into clinical education may help clinicians make more informed choices about their professional future and be more confident in their decisions. 

Watch The Video Now 

The Twitter chat based off this interview had some great responses. One question during the chat was “What is an example of tech in a different industry that you think could be adapted for use in healthcare?”. Here are their responses: 


Sharp Conversations is a video interview series co-hosted by Subha Airan-Javia, MD, FAMIA and Janae Sharp. These are real conversations with experts in healthcare fighting to end clinician burnout. Watch previous videos on YouTube, and stay tuned for more interviews.