Build Your Remote Tech Stack

Do you or your team provide remote care for patients and want better tools for the job? Keep reading to learn more about creating a remote tech stack.

Remote care is part of the new normal

Remote care – including telehealth and home health – has become increasingly more common in the last few years. Remote care offers more convenience and flexibility for patients, and it can increase access to care. There is a lot of potential for remote care to improve healthcare. 

However, the technology that clinicians use is not created for remote care. Some EHRs and other tools have limited or no mobile access, making it difficult for clinicians to use these on the go. And remote care can mean clinical teams are dispersed in various places, which can make it difficult to collaborate when team members are in different physical locations or using different EHRs. So, how can organizations address these obstacles? With a tech stack! 

So, what is a tech stack? And how do you decide which tools or apps to use? This guide is a great starting point for seeing different types of solutions available to add to a tech stack. We at CareAlign believe clinicians should be involved in any decisions about the tools they are expected to use, and think this guide is a good starting place for a conversation with your clinical team to decide what tools are best for your organization. 

In the Remote Tech Stack Guide, you will find:

  •   An overview of telehealth and home health services
  •  Why a tech stack is so important for remote care
  •   Tools to include in your remote tech stack