CareAlign Releases

Thank you for using CareAlign!

We are constantly working to improve your experience. The new CareAlign interface is here, it includes a few new features, a new layout, and streamlined functionality that will make it easy for you to manage your workflow– all in one place, on any device. Check out the details below.

Don’t forget to change your bookmark to our new URL !

Release 3.1.0

  • Sort patients on your list by location, custom information, or by name. Now you have the option to sort the patients on your list by location, information added into a custom field, or by the patient’s last name. From the patient’s Edit Visit modal, you can easily input text in the ‘Location’ and/ or ‘Custom’ fields to standardize how your patients sort on your list.  For example, to sort the list by which intern is taking care of which patient, add the intern’s name to the “custom field”, this allows you to sort by care team member. 


    • We have made identifying patients with inactive visits easier. After the visit for a patient has ended, it is now clear on the wiki that it is for a NON active visit. In our latest release, we have created a purple banner at the top of the patient wiki, that allows you to easily distinguish between active and non-active visits. From this banner, you can select ‘Click Here’ to start a new visit for your patient. The list you are already on will be pre-selected for you or you have the option to select a different service to add your patient to.  
    • If you don’t select a primary service, you will be given a prompt to add the patient to a service from the selected lists. 


      • The visit start and end dates are now displayed on the patient page and from the list view. Patients with active visits will have the visit start date listed to the right of their name in the list views. The visit start date and total time in the hospital will also be listed on the patient’s page under the visit details. For patients with inactive visits, there will be a comment in all the list views and from the patient’s page, to show start and end dates for that visit. 


      • CareAlign now displays the length of time a patient has spent in the hospital– both from the list view and the patient page. To the right of the visit start date, there will be a comment in parentheses distinguishing the total time the patient has spent in the hospital. This count of days in the hospital includes the visit start date as Day 1.


      • The list view tabs on the landing page have changed. Now the Day view is called ‘Worklist’ and the Night view is called ‘On Call’. Tasks marked with the sun icon are now referred to as ‘Worklist’ tasks. Tasks marked with the moon icon are now referred to as ‘On Call’ tasks. 


      • It’s now easy to distinguish between active and inactive tasks in the task view. We thought that by adding an identifier between active and inactive tasks in the task view would be helpful to your workflows. Now, tasks that are from a prior visit will be marked as “From Visit <start date – end date>” so you can easily identify active and inactive tasks.


      • The layout of edit and start visit modals have changed.
      • In the copy forward modal discharged visits now sort by discharge date. Past care plans from inactive visits are now sorted by most recent discharge date
      • Tasks within a bundle now auto-adjust to the total number of lines of text/hard returns. When adding a task or plan item to your bundle, the text box automatically expands and stays expanded. 

      Release 21.11

      • Start New Visit Button: To make discharging and readmitting patients more convenient, we have created the ability to start a new visit directly from the “Edit Visit” modal after a patient has been discharged. Now, when you click in the header bar to edit a visit as you normally would, you will see a ‘Start New Visit’ option in the bottom right corner.
      • Print Ready Views: We have made printing your list of patients effortless. Use your normal printing capabilities to print out a formatted view of your patient lists which will automatically exclude the top patient search bar and the left hand list menu.
      • Bug fix: Print Expanded List: The print expanded view now keeps carriage returns (spacing) for your patients’ one liners and data boxes as it used to.

      Release 21.1

      • New name, same mission – we have updated our name to CareAlign (read about why here). You’ll now have a cleaner, sleeker UI. In addition to our new look and layout, we have a new URL. Access CareAlign at when we launch. Use the feedback form to tell us what you think of our new look!

        Updated Patient Wiki Page

        Discharge & Copy Forward Functionality

        • Discharge Functionality: We have added a discharge feature so that CareAlign better supports workflow for both inpatient and outpatient settings. With this feature, you can create discrete visits, allowing you to start a new wiki or care plan for each new visit or copy a previous visit forward.

        • Copy Forward Functionality: Optionally, you will be able to copy forward the care plan from a prior visit and start where you left off, easily view tasks that occurred during prior visits. This means less time documenting and more time caring for your patients.

        Consult Service Updates

        • Consulting Services Changes: Consult patients on your list are now easy to identify from your primary services patients with the new ‘Consult’ Icon.This change has also been updated in the mobile view with the ‘C’ icon. Add a consult service to your patient to see how easy it is to identify your consult patients from your primary patients.

        Version 21.1

        Minor fixes and updates

        • Sick Status: We’ve optimized identifying sick patients. Now marking your patient as sick is as easy as clicking one button. Simply click the thermometer icon and viola a thin red line is displayed on the top of your patient’s page. Sick patients will still be marked in red writing on your landing page.
        • Consulting Services Updates: To make selecting a consult service more convenient, we’ve moved the service drop down to the Consult View. Now you can easily create a consult note by selecting the consult service you want.
        • There are new formatting changes on the patient wiki: On the patient wiki page, use the “view” dropdown to see your care plan grouped by System or Problem.  Using the Problem view, you can see your care plan grouped by the patient’s active, resolved, and inactive problems. Use the ‘System’ option to group your problems by associated service.
        • Text boxes are now always expanded: To give you more space for the one-liner, subjective and data & other info text boxes, we’ve changed the layout slightly. This allows the boxes to remain expanded after saving your update, edit whenever necessary.
        • Edit Visit Details Modal has been updated: Curious to know when your patient was admitted to the hospital? Now use the Visit Started field. Input any date, current, past, or future, to document when your patient entered the hospital. This field accepts 1 digit months and days.  
        • A new Add Patient button to match our new sleek UI: Confused by the ‘+’ button on the landing page? We heard your concerns and we listened! We changed the + button to be the ‘+Add Patient’ button. Conveniently add patients to your lists and start your patient care with less confusion.
        • MySaved Lists: We have denoted your saved lists to be labeled ‘MySaved Lists’ on the landing page. Add and remove lists just as you did before, this time with a new label.


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