Convincing Leaders to Get New Clinical Tech

Frustrated with current technology, but feel like you don’t know how to ask for change? Keep reading to learn more.
You need more than just your EHR
Electronic Health Records have come a long way in digitizing patient data and helping with billing, but they are not conducive to collaborative clinical teams that work varying hours and at different physical locations. EHRs can be a source of frustration and inefficiency for clinicians. However, because they EHRs are so expensive, many leaders believe the EHR should be able to do everything.

Technology can be used with existing EHRs to optimize clinical workflows and make clinicians jobs more efficient, reduce clinicians’ cognitive load, and improve patient care. To clinicians, this kind of tech sounds like an obvious choice. Now, how do you convince leadership of this?

Maybe you have a specific technology in mind, or maybe there is a specific workflow or process that frustrates you at work, and you think new tech can help. Either way, this guide can get you started. From deciding who to talk to and what information to find, this guide walks you through the steps of requesting new technology for your organization. We’ve also included a fillable template to guide and organize your information so you are ready to pitch your idea to IT and administrative leaders. 

Use this template for creating a compelling pitch to convince leaders to purchase new clinical technology:

In the IT and Administrator Buy-In Guide, you will find tips for convincing leadership why you need new clinical technology, including:
  •   Where to start
  •   Who to work with
  •   What information to present for your best chance at success
  •   A template to organize your information prior to presenting it