Improve your EHR without changing your EHR
CareAlign’s Care Orchestration platform connects to any EHR and simplifies the entire care process.
Improve communication and
efficiency across the entire care team
One simple tool for your provider’s communication and collaboration needs
CareAlign gives clinicians a shared workspace that connects to any EHR.
When clinicians love the tools they rely on for patient care, they will use them more – giving your health system the benefit of fewer errors, happier clinicians, and a better patient experience.
Easy access to information enables doctors and nurses to provide better care, leading to higher HCAHPS scores.
What you can do with CareAlign:
Protect the investment in your EHR
Support value-based care models
Improve your CMI and HCAHPS scores
Provide your clinicians with a tool they will love
Improve the overall patient experience
What we offer
CareAlign is a Care Orchestration platform built for clinicians by clinicians
Data Visualization
Get labs, vitals, and medication lists when you need them most – at the point of care. Make smarter clinical decisions with intuitively displayed trend lines and graphs.
Shared Task Management
CareAlign connects the dots by bringing the care team into a shared space where they can create care plans, share task lists, manage rounding, handoff and discharge planning, and access labs and vitals.
Documentation Module
CareAlign’s note generator uses the work clinicians have already done in their care plans to generate documentation, eliminating double documentation and reducing burnout.
Workflow Support
Patient care is complex and involves multiple team-based workflows. From rounding, to handoffs to discharge planning – CareAlign supports it all.
See what our customers say
Feedback from industry experts:
According to Crico, an average 500-bed hospital loses $4M per year to inefficiency due to miscommunication errors. In addition, a breakdown in communication among providers leads to mistakes and patient safety issues.
CareAlign saves a significant amount of documentation time so you can focus on your patients. It streamlines progress notes and keeps the entire medical team on the same page so nothing gets missed.
How we can help
Improve patient experience
CareAlign empowers clinicians to evaluate patients, coordinate care, and collaborate with each other in real-time, from any device, at any time. Then clearly communicate the plan to the patient, so everyone is on the same page.
A reduction of communication errors
70% of avoidable adverse events are caused by miscommunication. Become one of the 86% of clinicians who say Care Align helps them make better clinical judgments, through more efficient collaboration and quicker access to patient data.
Streamlined documentation processes
To reduce unnecessary, duplicative documentation, CareAlign enables clinicians to use the care plan they’ve already built to generate their notes in 2 clicks.
Increased efficiency
Care Orchestration combines real-time data from numerous clinical information systems, EHRs, and medical equipment into a single, clinically understandable presentation that aids doctors in better understanding their patients’ clinical status.
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