HIPAA Compliant Task Management

Let’s face it – EHRs weren’t built to help providers manage day-to-day patient care. Every other profession enjoys easy-to-use tools that help them manage their workload, why can’t clinicians have the same?



They can! Meet CareAlign – a secure, HIPAA compliant workspace to build care plans, manage tasks and generate notes. Built by clinicians, CareAlign is used every day in the acute care setting and we’re extending our offer to individual clinicians. Get the platform our users “can’t imagine doing their job without”.

Build your plan, create your tasks and generate your note in a single platform

Clinicians Rely on CareAlign in Every Setting

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Whether you’re a resident, attending or med student, managing your day to day tasks in a hospital setting can be complicated. Thousands of inpatient clinicians use CareAlign every day to manage their shared task lists, update their care plans and generate their note. As a fully interdisciplinary tool, sign up with your entire team to make collaboration easier.


Coordination between team members is key to caring for your patients, but current tools and processes make collaboration difficult. Sharing patient care plans, managing tasks and billing are all streamlined with CareAlign.


As a radiologist, you’re often juggling multiple patients with a long list of follow ups to complete. Where are you managing those tasks? With CareAlign, you’ll have a HIPAA compliant, mobile workspace that you can easily view and update at any time, from anywhere.


A thriving outpatient practice often means that you have a full day of patient visits, and each of those patients expects a high level of care. However, many providers manage their task list on paper notes. This is not only inefficient, but it makes billing more difficult. CareAlign improves efficiency and enables easier billing by giving you a digital workspace to manage your work and generate your note.

Built to deliver better care

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Task Lists – Your Workflows, Simplified

No matter the care setting, clinicians are juggling multiple patients all with unique follow up tasks to be completed. It can be hard to keep track of what has been done, who still needs a follow up call, and which follow up should you do next. CareAlign takes the guess work out of it. Our HIPAA compliant, digital workspace gives providers a place to manage their minute-to-minute tasks. Now, rather than jotting your follow ups on paper, which can be easily misplaced, you can create a task in CareAlign and update it from anywhere, at any time. No more wondering “Did I forget to call Mrs. Smith’s family?”

Care Plans – Any time, Anywhere

Designed for clinicians by clinicians, CareAlign’s problem based, structured care plans make it easy to manage your patient care. Instead of writing your entire care plan on a piece of paper, then transcribing that information into the patient record, CareAlign gives you a digital workspace to build your care plan as you go. Then, use that information to generate your note. As a clinician, your time is often limited. We want you to spend it focused on what matters most – patient care.

Note Generator – Easier, Faster Billing

CareAlign’s progress note tool eliminates double and triple documentation, cutting administrative tasks in half, by using your minute-to-minute work to build your notes. CareAlign captures more diagnoses by giving you a workspace built for your workflows. With a simple step, CareAlign’s plan can then be imported into the EHR as an electronic note, or printed and placed in a paper chart..


Get started today and improve your patient care experience.