CareAlign Partners with Tandigm Health to Improve Transitions

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The real-time collaboration tool will make it easier for clinicians to provide the best possible care as patients move across clinical settings

Philadelphia, PA (October 25, 2022)CareAlign, a clinical care collaboration platform, has partnered with Tandigm Health, a leading population health services organization, to help their clinicians manage transitions of care, particularly for patients moving in and out of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). The implementation allows for better collaboration and a centralized workflow to keep all providers on the same page as patients are transferred between clinical settings.

Patient handoffs and transitions of care are areas prone to miscommunication, as patients can be relocated to acute care settings or home care. A report from The Joint Commission shows that up to 70% of medical errors involve miscommunication among the care team.

“At Tandigm, our goals focus on closing care gaps for patients and supporting care teams with innovative solutions,” said Dr. Lee Buttz, Chief Medical Officer of Tandigm Health. “We’re working with CareAlign to identify additional areas, like in outpatient settings, that can benefit from this valuable technology designed around how providers give care. This technology, focused on improving care coordination and providing ready access to clinically important information will reduce patient risk at critical junctures of their healthcare journeys. It will improve the patient experience and provider efficiency and can make the difference between being successful at home or being back in the hospital. All of which contributes to the transformation of our healthcare system.”

Across the industry, clinicians use a variety of EHRs and are often managing caseloads remotely. This partnership, which will begin in six skilled nursing facilities in Pennsylvania, looks to modernize the way teams work, integrating disparate systems and updating data in real-time. Providers will be able to display CareAlign’s ‘patient wiki’ on tablets, computers, and smartphones, and the shared task list allows everyone on the care team to see what tasks have been completed for each patient.

“Handoffs and transitions of care have been a big focus of my research over the last 15 years. I have seen first-hand how CareAlign can help clinicians collaborate during patient handoffs, and I am excited to work with the clinicians at Tandigm to improve transitions of care for better patient outcomes,” says Subha Airan-Javia, MD, FAMIA, Founder & CEO of CareAlign.

About CareAlign

CareAlign is an EHR-agnostic, device-agnostic care team collaboration platform. Spun out of Penn Medicine, CareAlign allows interdisciplinary teams of clinicians to work together on the real-time patient wiki and shared tasks list, even when clinicians are in different physical locations. The platform streamlines clinical workflows to enhance efficiency, improve outcomes, and prevent errors.

About Tandigm Health

Tandigm Health is dedicated to enhancing the ability of physicians to provide the finest possible care while lowering costs through a more coordinated, proactive model. By providing greater tools and resources to its physicians across multiple specialties, Tandigm enables doctors to provide coordinated, patient-centered care. To learn more about Tandigm’s approach to value-based health care, visit