CareAlign and RemoteMDER Partner on Collaboration in SNFs

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Blog, News, Press

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The real-time collaboration tool will make it easier for telemedicine clinicians to provide care in areas with clinician shortages

Philadelphia, PA (August 9, 2022)CareAlign, a care orchestration platform, has partnered with telemedicine provider RemoteMDER to improve collaboration between telemedicine clinicians and senior care facility clinicians. The partnership will work to increase access to care, improve the quality of resident care, and reduce acute care readmissions.

Bringing telemedicine to senior care communities increases access to specialists that may live hundreds of miles away, offering personalized care a resident may otherwise not be able to receive.

“RemoteMDER has always worked to provide care in remote areas with limited access. With CareAlign, we are excited to be able to access patient charts in real-time so collaboration and documentation becomes faster and easier and the possibility of errors is minimized,” said John Kosmeh, PhD, president of RemoteMDER.

CareAlign will help the telemedicine clinicians at RemoteMDER by providing a digital patient chart that all clinicians can access and update in real-time, enhancing collaboration between clinicians at various physical locations. Many senior care facilities do not have the same EHR as telemedicine clinicians, leading to inefficient faxes and phone calls to transfer patient information. CareAlign allows all clinicians on the care team to view the patient chart simultaneously, seeing real-time updates as they are made.

“When EHR systems don’t communicate, clinicians need to rely on faxing paper records, which takes unnecessary time and means that the remote clinician does not always have the most upto-date information, which can negatively impact care,” says Subha Airan-Javia, MD, FAMIA. “With CareAlign, the RemoteMDER clinicians can see the same patient notes as the staff at the senior care facility, allowing them to work together to provide the best care for these patients”.

Residents in rural areas face major obstacles when accessing healthcare. Over 60% of primary care shortage areas are in rural parts of the country. Rural areas also see shortages of specialists, with only 6% of OB/GYNs serving rural communities, despite 14% of U.S. residents residing there. In addition to shortages, distance can also be an issue. A 2018 Pew Research Center study found that on average, it takes 17 minutes for those in rural communities to drive to the closest hospital, and for those residents above the 75th percentile, it takes an average of 34 minutes.

About CareAlign

CareAlign is an EHR-agnostic, device-agnostic care team collaboration platform. Spun out of Penn Medicine, CareAlign allows interdisciplinary teams of clinicians to work together on the real-time patient wiki and shared tasks list, even when clinicians are not in the same physical location. Learn more about how CareAlign helps with telehealth here

About RemoteMDER

RemoteMDER provides a revolutionary concept in healthcare delivery to Independent Living, Continuing Care Retirement Centers, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities. By integrating technology, skilled medical providers, and training, we are able to deliver state-ofthe-art medical care from the comfort and safety of the familiar residential environment. Building on two decades of experience and cutting-edge advancements, our specialized senior care telemedicine program is designed to meet the unique needs of the growing senior population who want to continue living their best lives.