Bring Information to Clinicians When They Need It

Closing Care Gaps in Nursing Facilities

CareAlign partners with HealthShare Exchange (HSX) to bring patient data to Nursing Homes in Philadelphia & New Jersey

Quality Care Means Knowing The Entire Patient Journey

Close care gaps by accessing data from anywhere.


When patients come into a nursing facility, it’s important for clinicians to have the full patient information so they can provide the best care. But patients in nursing homes may have seen a lot of clinicians: primary care providers, outpatient specialists, acute care providers, and more. 

CareAlign brings patient data into a shared workspace to make it easier for clinicians to get a full picture of their patient’s care journey and make more informed decisions. Whether you need data from your EHR or if you’re looking to utilize HIE data, CareAlign aggregates data from every source to give clinicians shared task lists, one-click access to labs and vitals, and an ICD-10 coding engine.

Collaborate with Your Entire Care Team

Work Together in Real-Time and Asynchronously

Care teams are large and multidisciplinary, with team members working on different days, at different times, and sometimes in different locations. In nursing facilities, it’s important for everyone on the team to have access to real time patient data and the most up to date care plan, regardless of where they are. CareAlign allows teams to work in real time and asynchronously, and helps teams.


  • Shared task lists for the entire team
  • Assign tasks by name or role
  • Set reminders for follow up and see when they’re completed
  • View all tasks for all patients in one place

One Click Access to Labs & Vitals

  • View up-to-date labs and vitals
  • See trendlines and graphs
  • Access information anywhere on mobile

Better Documentation

  • Improve documentation
  • Reduce duplicative work
  • Save clinicians time 
  • Streamline coding workflows

Carealign connects to every EHR. Check us out in the PointClickCare Marketplace and the Cerner code Developer Program,

CareAlign in Geriatric Care

Crozer ACO geriatrics group used CareAlign to provide home care for patients. CareAlign improved their collaboration and documentation, resulting in more accurate reimbursement. Read the case study here.

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