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It Should Be Easy To Do the Right Thing (part 2)

Perhaps the biggest opportunity for improvement and reduction in error, is redesigning how clinicians communicate.  Medicine is a team effort yet our tools are focused on the individual. When we take a step back and evaluate the systems through which healthcare workers communicate with each other, we are able to understand the gaps:

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It Should Be Easy To Do the Right Thing (part 1)

Recent Research has shown that an alarming number of medical errors are based on communication gaps, either while taking patient history or during handoffs between care providers. In 2015, a benchmarking study conducted by CRICO (The Controlled Risk Insurance Company , providing coverage to Harvard affiliated medical organizations and their physicians) found that communication errors were responsible for over 1,700 deaths as well as additional costs of $ 1.7 billion, to the healthcare system.

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TrekIT Health Named SIIA CODiE Award Finalist

TrekIT Health Named SIIA Business Technology Product CODiE Award Finalist for Best Healthcare Technology Solution Care delivery platform earns prestigious industry recognition Philadelphia, PA (May 13, 2019) – TrekIT Health, a digital health company specializing in...

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