Enabling Value-Based Care


Close Care Gaps Across the Entire Care Continuum

Easy collaboration across care settings for better outcomes

Value Based Care Organizations strive to provide the highest level of care in the most cost efficient way possible, but caring for complex patients across multiple care settings is challenging. How can your organization ensure that nothing falls through the cracks?

CareAlign’s Care Orchestration platform provides clinicians and care coordinators with a shared workspace for:

  • Task Management: Coordinate tasks for any patient, regardless of care setting. Need to remind the team to check Mrs. Smith’s A1C levels? Simple. Add a task in CareAlign, and the whole team will see the task and can check it off when completed.
  • Data Visualization: Get a real-time view of your patient’s clinical data such as labs, vitals, medication lists & recent studies. Want to check Mrs. Smith’s last EKG result? Search all recent studies in 2 clicks.
  • Easy Documentation: Use the tasks and care plans you’ve already built in CareAlign to generate your note in minutes. Capture more about your patients with less work and fewer clicks.


Increase Reimbursement

RAF scores correlate directly to the reimbursement an organization receives. In a pilot study at an ACO, clinicians using CareAlign saw an 8x increase in RAF scores with a $3800 increase in per patient reimbursement compared to $460 for non-participating ACO providers.

Reduce Errors

Data shows that 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication among care teams. CareAlign improves collaboration by providing a single digital platform that each clinician can access with real-time updates and the latest data. This has translated into fewer errors, with 75% of clinicians reporting that CareAlign has prevented errors in their practice.

Enhance Efficiency

On average, physicians work 13.5 hours each week on tasks other than direct patient care2. Charting and paperwork are time-consuming and taxing for clinicians that already have increasingly high workloads. 81% of clinicians using CareAlign say the platform saves them at least an hour each day. 








Capture More, Improve Quality Metrics

Documentation Module
CareAlign’s progress note tool eliminates double and triple documentation – cutting administrative tasks in half – by combining all lists and notes into one plan. CareAlign allows clinicians to edit their plan throughout the day to capture more diagnoses and relevant information, regardless of where the appointment happens. With a simple step, CareAlign’s plan can then be imported into any EHR as an electronic note, or printed and placed in a paper chart, accommodating all workflows. Giving clinicians the tool they need to document with ease means more information is captured and your RAF scores are more accurate. 

Care Team Collaboration

Shared Task Lists
Value-based care requires interdisciplinary clinical teams to work together on a patient’s treatment plan. Instead of each team member working off their own siloed paper lists, CareAlign provides a shared, dynamic task list that everyone can use to ensure that all steps of a treatment plan are completed. This  makes sure care gaps are closed and patients get the highest level of care. 

Predictive Data Visualization

Labs, Vitals & Medication Lists
Designed by clinicians for clinicians, CareAlign’s intuitive views of critical patient data – such as vitals, labs, meds and more – reduces errors by surfacing critical data at the point of care. Instead of spending precious patient time searching through the EHR, clinicians can access labs and vitals in two clicks, giving them the full picture of a patient’s data.


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