Keep Your Clinicians Online

Even when your EHR isn’t.

CareAlign can provide your team peace of mind during unplanned EHR downtime with our care continuity solution.

EHR Downtime Happens – Are You Prepared?

The Average ransomware attack lasts 15 days. Do you have a plan to keep clinical operations running on day 1? Downtime paper processes are risky, costly, and can not provide the care your patients expect.

CareAlign Secure keeps your data secure, online & available to clinicians for immediate use. CareAlign’s cloud based clinical workflow platform supports diverse clinical needs from rounding lists to downtime clinical documentation. CareAlign easily transfers progress notes back into your EHR, saving time and maximizing charge capture opportunities.


Avoid Paper Workflows

Switching to paper charts when your EHR is down is not only inefficient, but it is also costly. Health systems could pay thousands in transcription services alone. Using CareAlign during downtime, clinicians will continue to build their patient plan and documentation electronically, making it simple to transfer that information back into the EHR when your system is back online.

Reduced Errors

Data shows that 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between care teams. The potential for errors increases when providers don’t have access to the information they need about patients. Having CareAlign in place enables your providers to continue their work without skipping a beat.  Three out of four users have reported that CareAlign has prevented errors in their practice.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

The average 500 bed hospital loses $4M/year in malpractice claims related to ineffective communication. Instead of relying on siloed paper lists, CareAlign provides a shared workspace for team based collaborative care.Designed for use by all disciplines from doctors, to nurses, APPs, therapists and more.








Documentation Module

CareAlign’s progress note tool eliminates double and triple documentation, cutting administrative tasks in half, by combining rounding lists, handoffs notes and progress notes into one plan that can be used for many purposes. Instead of copying forward a 24 hour old progress note from the EHR, CareAlign allows clinicians to build off the plan that has been edited throughout the day and night, capturing more diagnoses & relevant information. With a simple step, CareAlign’s plan can then be imported into the EHR as an electronic note, or printed and placed in a paper chart, accommodating all workflows.

Rounding List, Discharge Planning & Shared Task Lists

CareAlign’s interdisciplinary platform brings all clinicians onto the same page to collaboratively prepare for a safe, timely discharge from the hospital, reducing readmissions and length of stay. Instead of each team member working off their own siloed paper lists, CareAlign provides a shared, dynamic task list that everyone can use to optimize the discharge planning process.

Predictive Data Visualization at the Bedside

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, CareAlign’s intuitive views of critical patient data such as vitals, labs, meds and more, reduces errors by making it easier to surface critical data at the point of care, solving the challenge of data discovery in EHRs. CareAlign can be a mobile interface to any EHR, improving clinician burnout and helping hospitals achieve the quadruple aim.


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