Clinician-designed care orchestration benefits us all

Increase productivity, enhance coordination, and keep all essential health records on hand with CareAlign’s Care Orchestration Platform.

EHRs are designed for the business of care, not the delivery of care

Electronic Health Records have come a long way in digitizing patient data and making it easier to access, but it has presented a new problem for care teams: the amount clicks required to find the information clinicians need to take care of their patients.

Discover how clinician-designed care orchestration makes the EHR easier to use and spurs rapid adoption:

The problems you currently face

Clinicians today face a number of difficult challenges every day when it comes to poorly designed technology, most commonly:

Inefficient care

Needing workarounds to
accomplish tasks

Data silos that cause
communication errors

Learn how clinician-designed care orchestration can help eliminate these challenges and optimize your team’s workflows:

81% of clinicians say that CareAlign saves them at least an hour a day

In this case study, you will discover how CareAlign’s Care Orchestration platform ensures seamless collaboration by providing clinicians with:

  •   Easy access to data and visualization
  •   Team-based collaboration tools
  •   A task management platform
  •   A user-friendly documentation module