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How we practice medicine has evolved, but the tools we use haven’t. CareAlign brings everything clinicians need for rounding, handoff, and managing their minute to minute work – into a single platform built to fit their workflows.

Hear what our users have to say

Hear what our users have to say

CareAlign allows me to coordinate the care of these very vulnerable patients between covering providers. This coordination has been essential for managing patients in the facility and preventing hospitalizations.

Kathryn Beldowski, MD

It’s so nice to be able to spend more time with patients because I don’t have to rush off to get charts done because CareAlign makes me more efficient.

Neesha Patel, MD

CareAlign continues to be the bread and butter of handoff, progress note building & task management.

‘Bundles of joy’ help us reduce variance and maximize our efficiency.

Colleen Kucharczuk, DP, CRNP

For me, it’s customizable bundles to populate the important sections on admissions, dot abbreviations to save time when writing day/night events, and opening it directly from Epic. It’s a fantastic tool!


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CareAlign saves a significant amount of documentation time so you can focus on your patients. It streamlines progress notes and keeps the entire medical team on the same page so nothing gets missed.

– Kiran Patel, DO, Hospitalist

I can’t imagine working without CareAlign. The objective trends, everything from oxygen requirements, sodium, white counts, combined with the subjective to do list makes sign-out a breeze.

Resident user

Such an amazing tool to optimize care! I can’t function without it..I sound like a commercial but the truth is the truth. I’m on service now… I see @CareAlignAI in my dreams…


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Built For Clinicians, By Clinicians

When clinicians have tools built to make them more efficient, everybody wins. Clinicians are able to focus on patient care, while still improving their documentation. This in turn, reduces the number of errors, increases revenues for organizations and improves the patient experience

Clinicians use CareAlign

Hours saved per week

Tasks Managed Every Week

Making the EHR Easier to Use

Predictive Data Visualization

CareAlign’s intuitive views of critical patient data such as vitals, labs, meds, and more, reduce errors and enables clinicians to make more timely clinical decisions, bringing the data clinicians need, to their fingertips. In less than 3 clicks, clinicians can see trends in patients’ vitals, access lab results and review medication history.

Rounding, Handoff and Discharge Planning

CareAlign’s curated views streamline rounding, handoff and discharge and make it more collaborative. Now, instead of printing a list and jotting down notes, providers use shared views to see the most up to date information for patients in their care, reducing errors and miscommunications. Cross covering and managing tasks for discharge has never been so easy.

Documentation Module

CareAlign’s progress note tool eliminates double and triple documentation, cutting administrative tasks in half. Instead of copying forward a 24-hour old progress note from the EHR, CareAlign allows clinicians to build off the care plan that has been edited throughout the day and night, capturing more diagnoses & relevant information. With a simple step, CareAlign’s plan can then be imported into the EHR as an electronic note or printed and placed in a paper chart, accommodating all workflows.

Shared Task Lists, Dynamic Care plans

No more guessing if a task was completed for a patient – just check CareAlign! In the same view as your patients’ labs, vitals, you can build a problem based care plan and create shared tasks. Quickly see the most updated information for your patients, including what items still need to be competed.

Built For Clinicians, By Clinicians

Cut Documentation Time in Half

Our technology brings real time data from the various clinical information systems, EHRs and medical devices into one seamless, clinically intuitive display that helps clinicians understand their patients’ clinical status better. By giving users the data they need, such as real-time labs and vitals, on their mobile device and in half the clicks – CareAlign is enabling clinicians to spend more time with patients.

Seamless collaboration

The fast paced nature of healthcare organizations requires a tool that can support clinicians while they manage multiple patients with various needs. CareAlign allows multiple users to work on the same patient record simultaneously to share their care plans, tasks, and notes with the entire care-team, to ensure the highest level of care.

Safer Transitions, Fewer Errors

Transitions in care are one of the major causes of communication errors. Miscommunications have been attributed to 70% of preventable adverse events and even death. With CareAlign, we have redesigned healthcare communication and workflow processes by integrating best practices and technology proven in other high-risk industries to reduce error. Within weeks of using CareAlign, clinicians believe their handoffs are more safe and efficient; 86% believe CareAlign enables more timely clinical decisions. SAFER TRANSITIONS = LESS ERRORS = BETTER CARE

Happier Clinicians and Patients

With the advent of electronic medical records, patient information became as close as the nearest computer. But securely logging into a desktop and waiting for the EMR to load can be a lengthy process. Now, CareAlign takes this access to clinical data to a new level. With CareAlign, providers can evaluate patients, coordinate and communicate in real time, right from their mobile device within seconds.

CareAlign Solutions

CareAlign was built for clinicians, by clinicians with the goal of giving providers a tool that fits their workflows. We believe that clinical technology built with a focus on usability and accessibility improve patient safety and clinician wellness. Check out a quick, 5 minute demo fo CareAlign to see how it supports clinical workflows to improve patient care.

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We believe that Security & Compliance are paramount in healthcare technology. We use best practices from the Security Industry like encrypting all data in transit and at rest at all times, treating ALL data as if it were PII/PHI, and only working with the most secure and trusted vendors.


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