Care Orchestration

Data Visualization l Task Management l Documentation Automation


Connecting data, systems and clinicians across the care continuum for better outcomes.

Care Orchestration:
A better experience for everyone – without replacing your EHR

Patient care has evolved – from how its practiced, to where its practiced – the healthcare landscape is more complex than it was even 10 years ago, yet the tools used to support clinical workflows have not kept up. Clinicians are required to manage complex, team-based work in the EHR, which was built to meet a different goal entirely.

This has led to preventable errors, burnout and a significant loss of revenue caused by inefficiencies and unsecured workarounds.

Care Orchestration was created to bridge the gaps between the business of healthcare, the EHR, and the delivery of care – clinical workflows.

CareAlign’s Care Orchestration platform connects to any EHR to provide the entire care team with Data Visualization at their finger tips, shared Task Management, and 3 click Documentation Automation.  Regardless of care setting, CareAlign is an interdisciplinary, shared workspace for the entire team to manage their work, then generate their pre-populated progress note and bring it into the EHR.


Better Documentation

As much as 1% of net charges are lost due to charge integrity leakage1. With CareAlign, clinicians electronically capture more diagnosis that would otherwise be lost on paper lists. At a large, academic health system, with a fully functioning CDI team, CareAlign increased billing by $480 per admission through improved CMI – translating to millions in additional revenue.

Less Errors

Data shows that 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between care teams.2 CareAlign improves team collaboration and handoffs by bringing the entire care team together in a single platform and incorporating evidence based practices into a digital workspace. Three out of four users have reported that CareAlign has prevented errors in their practice.

Improved Efficiency

The average 500 bed hospital loses $4M/year in malpractice claims related to ineffective communication3. Instead of relying on siloed paper lists, CareAlign provides a shared workspace for team based collaborative care.Designed for use by all disciplines from doctors, to nurses, APPs, therapists and more.

Built to deliver better care

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Predictive Data Visualization

Designed for clinicians by clinicians, CareAlign’s intuitive data visualization module connects to any EHR to surface objective data, often burried in multiple places, and presents it as easy to analyze trend lines and searchable lab and medication lists.  Giving clinicians the data they need, when the need it to make more informed decisions, reduces errors and improves communication with patients. It also reduces uncessary, duplicative tests by making results easy to find. Looking for a specific study for your patient? Quickly search the labs and see the results in seconds. 

Rounding List, Discharge Planning & Shared Task Management

CareAlign’s interdisciplinary platform brings all clinicians onto the same page to collaboratively prepare for a safe, timely discharge from the hospital, reducing readmissions and length of stay. Instead of each team member working off their own siloed paper lists, CareAlign provides a shared, dynamic task list that everyone can use to optimize the discharge planning process.

Documentation Automation

CareAlign’s progress note tool eliminates double and triple documentation, cutting administrative tasks in half, by combining rounding lists, handoffs notes and progress notes into one plan that can be used for many purposes. Instead of copying forward a 24 hour old progress note from the EHR, CareAlign allows clinicians to build off the plan that has been edited throughout the day and night, capturing more diagnoses & relevant information. With a simple step, CareAlign’s plan can then be imported into the EHR as an electronic note, or printed and placed in a paper chart, accommodating all workflows.


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